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Level Two: Leadership Award

The Goal

To encourage and recognize the efforts of local elected officials to build on the core knowledge obtained in Level One, to enhance their leadership skills and to continue their dedication to excellence in community leadership. Note: You will receive full EOA credit for repeating a class.


An official must have completed Level One: Education Award of the EOA. Upon completion of the required credits in each program area for the Education Award, all new credits earned in each program area may count toward the Leadership Award. Some credits may be counted toward the Governance Award before the requirements for the Leadership Award are completed. Credits claimed for one level of award may not be counted toward any other level of award.


To receive the Leadership Award, elected officials must accumulate an additional 30 credits beyond Level One, for an Academy total of 55 credits as follows:

• Advocacy 3 credits
• Conference Attendance 5 credits
• Leadership Roles 6 credits
• Elective, Affiliate Courses or On-Site Training 16 credits

Note: For a full-day class outside of the League, 3 credits will be given. For a half-day course, 1 credit.

Advocacy Credit

Three advocacy credits can be obtained by participating in the following legislative activities:

• Lobbying 2.0 or Lobbying 3.0 session at Capital Conference      1 credit/session
• Written testimony before the state/federal Legislature                   2 credits
• Oral testimony before the state/federal Legislature                        3 credits
• Service on a League issue committee (1 year term)                      2 credits/year
• Advocacy Webinar                                                                       1 credit/hour
• Meeting with a state/federal elected official                                    2 credits
on a League or community issue

* Additional credits may be awarded by the EOA board.

Leadership Roles

6 credits must be earned by serving in the following League or NLC leadership roles. Service includes attendance at a majority of the scheduled meetings.

* If you have a question about a leadership role you do not see on the list, please email Kelly Warren, Director, Events, at or phone her at 734-669-6310, and she will let you know if it qualifies.

• Promote the League’s message to outside groups with speaking engagements, PowerPoints, social messaging, etc. 2 credits
• Service as a panelist or speaker at a League event 2 credits
• Service as a moderator or volunteer at a League Capital Conference or Convention 1 credit
• Service as a League committee member (1-year term) 1 credit/year
• Service as a League Board of Trustees Member/EOA Board Member (3-year term) 2 credits/year
• Service as a League Michigan Municipal Workers’Compensation Fund Board Member (3-year term) 2 credits/year
• Service as a League Michigan Municipal Liability and Property Pool Board Member (3-year term) 2 credits/year
• Service as a League Foundation Board Member (3-year term) 2 credits/year
• Service as a League Affiliate Officer (1-year term) 1 credit/year
• Service as a NLC Committee Member (2-year term) 2 credits/year
• Service as a NLC Board Member (2-year term) 2 credits/year
• Participate in mayors’ exchange 1 credit
• Write an article for The Review/website; blog for website 2 credits
• Sponsor a youth at Capital Conference 1 credit max
• Radio/TV Interview (Topic specific interview) 1 credit
• Participation on a committee outside the League, functioning as the chairperson only 1 credit/year
• Precinct delegate 1 credit

Note: Participation with service organizations such as United Way, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Kiwanis, American Legion, VFW, Elks Club, community foundations, and historical societies, only qualifies for a leadership role if served as chair.

Conference Attendance

5 credits must be earned by attending League or NLC conferences. The following League and NLC conferences are eligible for credit in Level Two: Leadership Award:

• Attendance at a League Annual Convention (max. 4 credits) 2 credits/day
• Attendance at a League Capital Conference 2 credits
• Attendance at a NLC Congress of Cities 2 credits
• Attendance at a NLC Congressional Cities Conference 2 credits

Conference Attendance, and/or by attending approved educational programming offered by other organizations including county, township or regional planning organizations. Other elective courses can be taken by nationally approved educational programs like Fred Pryor Seminars, National Seminars, or through the Michigan State Extension Service. Courses need to relate to your job as a local official.

Elective Course Topics

16 credits must be earned by attending League Elective Courses. Elected officials enrolled in Level Two: Leadership Award may attend as many elective courses as they choose.

This handbook contains a listing of some elective topics and courses.

Elected Officials Academy credits will be specified in League workshop details. The list of individual courses is likely to vary in response to the changing needs of local government.

Advanced Elective “Weekender”

To assist officials in the process of obtaining Level Two credits, Advanced Elective Weekender classes will be offered periodically throughout the year. Nine credits will be offered.

Tentative Schedule:

Friday evening
Check-in: 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Elective Class: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Check-in and Continental Breakfast: 7:30 am to 8:00 am
Elective Class: 8:00 am to Noon
Networking Lunch: Noon to 1:00 pm
Elective Class: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

These courses will also be offered in a variety of three six-hour programs in the evening and on weekends at different locations throughout the state year-round.

Other Educational Programming

Credit may be granted for participation in approved educational programs offered by private or public organizations. (Agenda and proof of attendance must be submitted.)

The Leadership Award

The EOA’s Leadership Award will include a pin and plaque in recognition of this accomplishment. The recipient will be recognized at the Annual Awards Banquet.

A special award will be presented at the League’s Annual Awards Banquet for any council or commission in which all members have completed one or more levels of the Academy. Your community is responsible for notifying the League if this achievement is reached.



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