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The League's Natural Gas Purchasing Program

Launched September 1, 2012


The League has partnered with Fellon-McCord, a national leader in energy management and procurement, to develop a natural gas program to negotiate lower natural gas prices for its members. The goal of this program is to combine our members’ collective natural gas usage and use it to negotiate more favorable rates than they would each be able to achieve on their own. For many years, Michigan natural gas customers have been able to select an alternative supplier to provide the actual commodity, and the distribution of that commodity remains with the current utility provider. Many League members may already be using an alternative natural gas provider – this program will take that approach to the next level by negotiating directly with suppliers on behalf of our participating members.


Fellon-McCord will act as an agent on behalf of participating members, negotiating natural gas prices with the power of a $14 billion client-spend portfolio and strategic market timing to get the best available market pricing. They will analyze your current procurement plan in order to illustrate the savings potential by joining the League’s natural gas program. It is important to note that this is a long-term plan to eventually include as many members as possible in the buying pool in order to increase volumes and savings. Some members may have already switched to a natural gas supplier – and that’s ok. They can still participate and submit their information to be included in the pricing process and are able to join at the end of their contract.


Data Submission Deadline

February 16, 2015

Contract Execution Deadline

February 23, 2015

Gas Start Date

April 1, 2015


Participating in the natural gas program will not require any new infrastructure or investment on your part.  Interested members need to submit the information below to participate in the pricing process.

  • Letter of Authorization – this allows us to negotiate with gas suppliers on your behalf.  It DOES NOT commit you to join the program.  This letter is available on the League’s website.

  • Information Request Form – this provides historical data for each account being considered for the program.  We need one form for each gas account being included.

  • Invoice Copies – we’ll need a recent invoice copy for each gas account being included.  The invoice contains additional
    account information that is needed in the pricing process.

  • Contract Copies – if your gas is currently supplied by a
    third-party supplier, we’ll need a copy of any contract or agreement in effect for your gas accounts.

The League is extremely excited about this program. So much of what we do is based upon the collective power and strength of our members, and this program is no different. We are proud to be able to offer this service, and look forward to working with you to make it a success.


Email for more information.




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