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About the League Blue Arrows

Legislative Advocacy

The League is the frontline for Michigan's future.

The Michigan Municipal League maintains a full-time advocacy presence at the state Capitol through our State and Federal Affairs department. From our Capital Office in Lansing, the League’s dedicated, experienced staff promotes a proactive agenda and communicates the municipal viewpoint on countless bills that are introduced during each two-year legislative session.

Funding Michigan Communities
The viability of local communities is essential to a strong Michigan. The League advocates the use of tax dollars to finance the services that citizens rely on most. Police and fire protection, clean drinking water, a stable infrastructure, and recreational opportunities are all essential to creating vibrant communities. It is an annual battle to save these basic services from budget cuts. Revenue sharing is an investment in our future and the vitality of our state.

Redefining Economic Development
The League is working to promote strong communities as the centerpiece of a highly desirable state. Initiatives to develop communities and investment in urban areas are requisite to the revitalization of Michigan. Public policies that promote vibrant downtowns, prosperous arts and culture, sustainable development and redevelopment, and all of the amenities that residents and employers look for in communities assure that Michigan can compete in the global marketplace.

Speaking for Michigan on Capitol Hill
The League’s federal advocacy efforts ensure that Michigan is well represented on Capitol Hill. With our own lobbyist and a longstanding relationship with the National League of Cities, the League works to be a voice for local communities. Housing finance reform, collective bargaining, transportation funding, and support for community programs are among our top priorities at the federal level.

Promoting Transportation and Infrastructure
A growing number of businesses and government leaders agree that Michigan needs an improved transportation system that includes public transit, light rail, commuter rail, buses, street cars, airports, and quality roads and bridges. The League founded the Get Michigan Moving coalition in order to advance public policies that will generate the necessary support for our entire transit system in communities throughout the state. Initiatives to fund transportation and infrastructure will bring new life to downtowns and spur economic development. Go to for more information.

Improving Binding Arbitration Law
Current law requiring binding arbitration for labor disputes between police and fire units and municipalities results in fewer police officers and firefighters on our streets. In its present form, this system is not cost efficient and often results in fewer dollars spent on public safety. By advocating for the reform of outdated laws, the League is fighting to get communities greater control over their revenue spending.

Protecting the Environment
The League provides an additional Environmental Affairs Service (EAS) to interested members. The EAS advocates the municipal viewpoint on issues related to environmental protection, public works, and infrastructure at the state and federal levels. One-on-one assistance is also available to members who need advice on environmental protection issues and the wise use of tax dollars.


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